ASL Eviction Moratorium Extended - San Antonio

The Federal Government has extended the nationwide eviction moratorium from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention until January 31, 2021. The moratorium was set to expire on December 31, 2020. To qualify for the protection, a renter must provide a written declaration letter covering several requirements including income verification. The declaration letter can be found at the CDC webpage

This order does not relieve renters of the obligation to pay rent and still allows landlords to charge fees, penalties, and interest because of a renter’s failure to pay rent on time. The order still allows evictions to proceed for issues not related to rent payments. This includes issues such as criminal activity, health and safety and violating the terms of the lease other than timely payment of rent.

For housing assistance If you are unable to pay your rent or mortgage, contact the Emergency Housing Assistance Program by calling 210-207-5910 or visiting For those located outside San Antonio city limits but within Bexar County, you can contact the Housing Authority of Bexar County by calling 210-940-1180 or visiting