ASL Social Distancing - Harris County

Social Distancing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States.

Large events and gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19. Examples of large events include conferences, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and other types of assemblies. These events can be planned by organizations, communities or individuals.

Social distancing is recommended to help prevent introduction of the virus into new communities and to slow the spread of infection in communities already affected by the virus. Always defer to recommendations by local public health officials.

At all times…
  • Encourage your staff or community members to protect their personal health.
  • Watch for the signs and symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, shortness of breath.
  • Encourage people to stay home when sick.
  • Clean surfaces that are frequently touched – like shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, electronics, and doorknobs.
  • Limit events and meetings that require close contact.
  • Stay up to date on developments in your community.
  • Create an emergency plan for possible outbreak.
  • Assess if community members are at higher risk and plan accordingly
What To Expect: Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations that require social distancing, quarantine, or isolation.

You may experience anxiety, worry, or fear related to:
  • Your own health status
  • The health status of others
  • The experience of monitoring yourself, or being monitored by others for signs and symptoms of the disease
  • Time taken off from work and the potential loss of income and job security
  • The challenges of securing things you need, such as groceries and personal care item
Remember, a COVID-19 outbreak could last for a long time. When public health officials determine that the outbreak has ended in your local community, work with them to identify criteria for scaling back COVID-19 prevention actions at your events. If your events were cancelled, work with your venues to reschedule.