DEER PARK FIRE - Shelter in Place

A Shelter-in-Place has been issued for the City of Deer Park following reports of action levels of benzene or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within city limits. State Highway 225 is also being closed at this time from Beltway 8 to Miller Cut-Off Road.

The specific area impacted is south of Tidal Road, east of Beltway 8, west of Underwood Road and north of Pasadena Boulevard.

Residents are advised to remain indoors and to close all doors, windows and other sources of outside air. Turn off air conditioning or heating systems and close the fireplace damper to keep chemical vapors from entering.

Please continue to monitor City outlets for updated information.

Instructions for Shelter-in-Place are as follows:

1. Go Inside Immediately: Seek the nearest enclosed structure, whether it's a house, business, garage or vehicle. If you know of any unattended child in your neighborhood, call them and tell them to remain indoors. Keep any pets inside also. Gather emergency supplies like a portable radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

2. Ceiling fans or rotary fans inside the building can be safely used to keep cool. Cover any gaps, holes or cracks with wet towels or sheets to prevent vapors from entering your home.

If you have trouble breathing, contact 9-1-1.