Based on current air monitoring, there continues to be a low health risk to the community.

• Common symptoms you may experience, include:
o Coughing
o Difficulty breathing
o Burning, irritation and redness to skin, eyes, nose and throat
o Headaches, nausea, or dizziness

• Elderly, children, pregnant women, those with respiratory issues, and those who are immunosuppressed may be especially impacted. Do not forget your pets.

Stay safe by:
• Listening to local officials for updates on the situation and for any actions you need to take.

• Monitoring local weather wind forecasts.

• Know what to do if you are asked to shelter in place:
o stay indoors
o close windows and doors
o turn off A/C systems

• Do not touch, drink or allow your pets or children to eat anything that has been contaminated by residue or particles from the fire.

• If you have come in contact with residue or particles:
o Thoroughly wash with soap and water for 3 to 5 minutes.
o Bathe pets and animal while wearing gloves.

• Check on family and neighbors, especially those who are elderly.

• If you feel you or a loved one are experiencing any symptoms related to the chemicals, please contact your healthcare provider.